Corporate Profile

Upholding value investment with a consistent-base principal

Corporate Profile

Pickers Capital Management Limited is a Hong Kong-based hedge fund established in 2014. Value Investing is Pickers’ major investment philosophy. Pickers’ first SFC-authorised* product has been approved on the 3rd December, 2018.

*SFC authorization is not a recommendation or endorsement of a scheme nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of a scheme or its performance. It does not mean the scheme is suitable for all investors nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular investor or class of investors.



Solid Foundation

Established in 2014, Pickers Capital is an asset management company based in Hong Kong​​.



Our clients include institutional and professional investors, like: family businesses, financial institutions and individual investors.​​



Committed to providing world-class investment solutions and achieving investment goals.



Owning the Type 9 Regulated Activity (Asset Management) License, issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

ESG 整合

ESG Integration

Discover more about Pickers’ ESG policy by clicking the link below.

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